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Digital transformation for industries will ride on 5G

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Digital transformation being undertaken by the companies is going to get a huge impetus when 5G is deployed by mobile operators. 5G will enhance the ability of industries to automate with much more real-time responses. 5G will give us more bandwidth and the latency will be so low that VR(virtual reality)/AR(augmented reality) experience will improve many folds as compared to current 4G experience.

Industries that will have specific use cases will mature in the first phase of 5G implementation. Some of these industries are media and utility, healthcare, automotive and logistics. A lot of the use cases are already being tried on the 4G or private wireless infrastructure by these industries eg, self-driven cars, remote diagnostics, drones for food delivery etc.

Digital transformation is revolutionizing the product development life cycle. Products are becoming smarter e,g smart TV, smart refrigerators, smart meters etc. These types of equipment or products become ‘smart’ when a SIM is embedded in it. And then the smart products are used in making our daily life more ‘Digital’.

This is a huge opportunity for the Telecom industry provided they can find a way to work and collaborate with the other industries. This is a new model for the Telecom Service providers and it will be interesting to watch how these partnerships evolve.

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